Stan and Donna Fitzgerald

Strategic Consulting

Veterans For Trump Political Director at, Trump Campaign Coalitions. Legacy PAC Founding Partner, Center for Renewing America Partner. L-Strategies consulting firm Founding Partner. Vet Voice channel founding partner and host. Cobb GA Delegate

Stan & Donna Fitzgerald are business owners and Stan is a retired police detective. Stan served on several county narcotic task forces as well as the federal DEA task force , made hundreds of arrests and was the affiant on dozens of search warrants who testified as a court expert in various aspects of narcotics investigations during his LE career. In 1987 Stan was a driver in president Reagans motorcade from Newark to Ellis Island

As small business owners Stan and Donna distribute merchandise throughout the United States and are actively involved in Republican Politics. Stan serves on the advisory board of Veterans for Trump AKA Veterans for America First as the chief political advisor where duties he and Donna conduct include candidate vetting / interviews. Stan serves on the board of CPU , Christian Patriots United a national faith and freedom organization. Stan and Donna served on the board of BlakPAC during their rebuilding phase. Stan and Donna were present in AZ for the audit results as guests of Senator Sonny Borrelli . Stan & Donna have toured the southern border with Admiral Kubic, Tom Homan and Mark Morgan. Stan also toured border hot spots at night with Admiral Kubic. Donna and Stan are Members of the Cobb County GA GOP , Stan is a delegate , county committee member and precinct officer in Cobb County GA. Stan and Donna have experience previously having worked on multiple campaigns at the state and federal level but no longer personally support or work with candidates to avoid a conflict of interest with national groups and their duties.

Stan and Donna have been invited to Bedminster and Mar-A-lago multiple times to meet President Trump. In June 2021 president Trump personally thanked Stan and his wife for their political efforts during the remarks the president was making at a diner honoring Jody Hice. In February of 2022 Stan and Donna were personally invited to Mar-A-Lago by the president’s staff for the official unveiling of president Trumps new Pac ” Make America Great Again … Again ” In March 2022 Congressman Andrew Clyde invited Stan & Donna to attend the Trump Rally in Commerce GA as his personal guests to meet the president and sit with the endorsed candidates. Stan and Donna were asked to host president Trump’s event for Mark Finchem in Mar-a-lago in May 2022. Stan and Donna with VFAF were sponsors of the May 2022 Real Georgia Speaks Team Trump Bus Tour. June 2022 the Fitzgeralds accompanied Trump endorsed Candidate J.R. Majewski to Washington DC for congressional meetings and VFAF business , while there the couple were given access to the tunnels used by congressional members and staff connecting the capital and offices. In June 2022 Stan Fitzgerald was asked to serve on the MAGA7 advisory board by Robert Bowes of the Trump Administration with duties including the vetting of Trump-aligned candidates.

In July 2022 Stan Fitzgerald became the registered news agent at NEWSWIRE for Veterans for America First and his first VFAF official press release was run by the associated press.

In August 2022 the Fitzgeralds played a significant role in the team effort leading to the Launching of the VBB (Veterans Business Bureau) , the VFAF Pastor Corps and the Vet Voice Podcast Channel

In August 2022 Michigan’s Matt Maddock asked Stan & Donna Fitzgerald with VFAF to assist him in recruiting and screening patriots to serve in an incoming SOS administration.

In September 2022 The Fitzgeralds were invited to the home of country music star Randy Travis by Herschel Walker – link:

In September 2022 The Fitzgerald’s hosted a fundraising event in SC for three Secretary Of State Candidates , Mark Finchem , Jim Marchant and Kristina Karomo to help secure national election integrity efforts. Previous actions to preserve our elections included Stan participating in an investigation of suspected fake ballots being transported from AZ to GA , Stan Ran an election integrity forum In GA with Garland Favorito , YG Nyghtstorm and Jeff Zink the AZ Audit Manager , Sent a public letter on behalf of VFAF to the GA secretary of state with concerns on the reported flipped election results in the 2022 GA Primary , Was the lead in part of a team effort to have Tana Goertz headline a GA VFAF Rally for candidates focused on election integrity , worked with Mike Daugherty on challenging the 2020 GA Senate run off results going up against Perkins Coie and was involved in two other operations that can not be discussed. The Fitzgeralds have hosted numerous America First fundraising efforts and were listed hosts for Tudor Dixon at a Georgia event.

In October 2022 Russ Vought of the Trump admin asked Stan to work with the Georgia collation effort for his Center For Renewing America that will be organizing the national groups on The Border , Election Integrity and FBI Oversite with Andrew Clyde , Marjorie Green and Lauren Boebert .

In October 2022 Lauren Boebert invited Stan & Donna to the home of country music star John Rich.

In October 2022 The Fitzgeralds Sponsored the John Fredericks Team Trump Bus Tour with their business partners Angie Wong and Jared Craig representing the Legacy Family featuring Legacy PAC and L Strategies for Georgia Veterans for America First – Legacy PAC is committed to supporting the next generation of conservative leaders and hold the line for the legacy of President Trump.

In October 2022 President Trump sent Stan & Donna Fitzgerald a signed photo of himself with the Fitzgeralds and Congressman Clyde.

On November 15, 2022 Stan and Donna Fitzgerald were invited by Team Trump to represent Veterans For Trump / Veterans For America First attending the Mar-A-Lago announcement by Donald J. Trump for 47th President of the United States.

On November 29th , 2022 President Trump posted the VFAF endorsement on his social media featuring a photo of the Fitzgeralds. 

The Fitzgeralds had been some of Georgia’s top Republican donors during the 2022 primary season supporting Trump endorsed candidates in several states and grass roots America First candidates in Georgia. The Fitzgeralds are moving away from the donor label and are becoming major influencers in the America First movement.