New Jersey Senator Ed Durr contracts with L-Strategies for National Fundraising Committee.

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On February 19th, 2023, NJ Senator Ed Durr announced a partnership with L-Strategies to form a National Fundraising Committee. Durr, a truck driver who made national headlines in 2021 when he defeated NJ Democrat Senate President Steve Sweeney in a stunning upset, has since become a symbol of the New Jersey Republican party’s efforts to regain the majority in the legislature.

During his tenure, Durr has introduced bills to prevent Covid 19 Vaccine passports and limit other restrictions. Durr is not alone in his assertion that vaccine passports should be rejected; many conservatives have expressed similar concerns about the implications of a system which could be used to restrict people’s access to jobs, housing, and travel. By linking one’s vaccination status with their identity, vaccine passports could also be used to track citizens’ behavior and activities in a more invasive way than ever before, raising serious concerns over privacy and autonomy.

The primary concern of conservatives regarding vaccine passports is the potential for a “surveillance state” to emerge, where citizens’ individual freedoms and liberties are drastically diminished due to pervasive government oversight. As Vlad Lemets, founder of Veterans for America First, put it: “Such a system could easily be abused by those in power, or manipulated to target certain groups based on their vaccination status. We are thankful to have Ed Durr, a true conservative champion, representing Jersey. His unwavering commitment to conservative values has been a beacon of hope for the people, and his dedication to the community has been an inspiration to us all.”

Ed Durr has also been vocal in his criticism of Governor Murphy’s handling of the state’s unemployment backlog, coronavirus deaths in nursing homes, and other proposals.

“New Jersey needs a dozen Ed Durrs in its legislature,” said Angie Wong, partner at L-Strategies. “We are honored to join the team working for the Senator’s re-election campaign.”

Senator Durr plans on attending the Legacy PAC event occuring during CPAC on March 2 , 2023 in DC. For event information see :