Meet Cait Corrigan former congressional candidate and L-Strategies consulting firm associate.

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Cait Corrigan brings to the firm a vast political network with first-hand campaign experience having run for congress in New York. Corrigan offers the unique services of media buys and booking candidates on media networks as well as being able to build SEO results through well-known influencers.


Cait Corrigan is a Gen Z medical and religious rights advocate, educator, writer, political commentator and consultant. She is an Ambassador to Veterans for Trump.

Cait is a 10th generation American, as she is a direct descendent (8th- great-granddaughter) of John Webster who fled England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony due to religious persecution. He founded the Connecticut Colony and later went on to serve as Governor of the Connecticut Colony in 1656.

Cait comes from a large family of military service members, many who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom in the American Revolution and Civil War. More recently, her family served in the Navy, Army, and Air Force.

Cait Corrigan was homeschooled on Long Island, New York.

During her undergrad, Cait studied studied religion, communism and politics while conducting research in Taiwan, India and Spain. She worked for the World Organisation Against Torture in Geneva, Switzerland. On completion of her Bachelors degree, Cait Corrigan received a full-tuition scholarship to attend Earlham School of Religion for a Master’s in Peace & Social Transformation.

Cait Corrigan changed her college’s policy for requiring proof of Covid-19 vaccination to attend the graduation of her Master’s degree in April 2021. Since then, Cait Corrigan has been at the forefront of the Medical Freedom Movement. She has helped over 12,000 Americans file successful religious exemptions in 49 states across the country.

Cait Corrigan is an Ordained Christian Minister. She is the founder of Trinity Three Ministry, serves as an Elder to Family of God Church, and is a Board Member to The Religious Society for the Separation of Church and State.

In the beginning of 2022, Cait Corrigan announced her campaign for Congress. She felt the urgency to run in New York to Save America from communism. “Communists have infiltrated our highest levels of government” she explained firmly.

Running on an America First agenda, Cait Corrigan highlighted censorship, cancel culture, border security, and election integrity in her campaign. Medical freedom and holding the CCP accountable for unleashing a virus on the world are “personally important” to her.

During her campaign, Cait Corrigan was invited to a border tour in McAllen, Texas with General Michael Flynn and Admiral Kubic.

She met President Trump in March of 2021 at Mar-a-Lago. “President Trump made me the Republican I am today”, she said.

Cait Corrigan was endorsed by Veterans for America First, BLAK PAC, United Christians for America, Latinos for America First, Kimberly Fletcher the Founder and President of Moms for America, Mike Miller the Founder of Warriors for Ranchers and the Constitutional Coalition of New York State.

Since running for office, Cait Corrigan is a regular guest at Bedminster and Mar-A-Lago. As Ambassador for Veterans for Trump, she continues to advocate for the America First Agenda.

By partnering with L-Strategies, she will further help to promote Conservative causes, the America First Agenda and President Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America in 2024.

“America is and will always be worth fighting for…I look forward to supporting President Trump in the 2024 election”, explained Cait Corrigan.

Cait has been interviewed by The Washington Times, Reuters, The New York Post and the Boston Globe. She has appeared on Newsmax, Real America’s Voice, NTD News, The Defender Podcast with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., The Sam Sorbo Show and others.