Vicky Richter, international war journalist, available for speaking engagements.

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Vicky Richter is an international investigative journalist working with Vets4childrescue and law enforcement to expose, find, and arrest pedophiles in the United States.

Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR) is a 5O1C3 nonprofit organization that was founded in April of 2017 by Craig Sawyer. The organization is comprised of military professionals, former and current law enforcement, senior intelligence community veterans, child abuse and trafficking survivors, and people who are willing to do whatever it takes to end child trafficking in the USA.

Originally from Germany Richter is a German Special Forces Veteran who worked in psychological operations, Bundeswehr ZopInfo SF PsyOPs Officer.  During the height of the pandemic lock down she aligned with the freedom movement and as a journalist covered the protests. Her conservative work in Germany resulted in the German Antifa adding her to their hit list. She has toured the Southern Border numerous times and her work exposing and preventing human trafficking has now gotten her on the cartels radar.

Richter also launched her own media company “The Patriot Chicks” offering social media management and content creation (photo, video, and editing)

Richter is available for public speaking engagements relative to border security and human trafficking through L-Strategies LLC. You can reach Richter directly at [email protected]

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