Stan Fitzgerald works with Team Trump for S.C. primary presidential campaign as Veterans for America First President

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Stan Fitzgerald VFAF President served on the Veterans for Trump South Carolina Campaign Coalition on the leadership team for President Trump



Acworth, Georgia Mar 6, 2024 (  – Stan Fitzgerald was appointed by Team Trump to serve on the South Carolina Save America Veterans for Trump coalition. Stan Fitzgerald, as president of Veterans for America First, was appointed as a civilian to the leadership team. The primary campaign efforts were ongoing over a four-month period resulting in a landslide victory for President Trump over Nikki Haley. 

President Trump sent Stan Fitzgerald a hand signed note thanking him for his commitment to Team Trump as well as a signed Make America Great Again Cap. 

Stan Fitzgerald is a retired police detective with service in Essex County NJ. Fitzgerald served in the Bureau of Narcotics, Prosecutors Major Case Squad, DEA Task Force and WESTNET suburban task force. Fitzgerald made hundreds of arrests and was a court qualified expert in investigative methods. 

Stan Fitzgerald is the current President of Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump. 

Fitzgerald is also a documentary film producer and director.  Fitzgerald’s first film was “The Fall of Deceit” starring. General Fynn and Laura Loomer. The impactful documentary pushed back on government overreach and persecution.  Fitzgerald credits his own persecution and wrongful conviction dating back to the mid 1990’s as the motivation for not only the film but his involvement in America First Politics. 

Fitzgerald’s current film project is “Border Invasion an American Crisis” released on March 8th streaming on multiple platforms and will be available on his personal website Patriot – Stan Fitzgerald (

Fitzgerald and his team are planning a summer 2024 release of VFAF Veterans for Trump the Movement. A project to motivate Veterans across the country to get the vote out for President Trump this election cycle.